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So Aura Lux Candle

So Aura Luxury Candles

Are you ready for a 100% all natural hand poured soy based candles, with luxury in mind? Look no further, get ready to indulge with Amour, Plant Nectar, Ivory Meadow, and Jasmere. These candles are ready to shift the aura in any space. Prepare for to add a lux energetic getaway today.

Solarized All Natural Detox

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All Things Deriving From The Sun

Solarize: The act of the Suns rays, bringing light to all things. Did you know that just 20 minutes a day while basking in the Sun, is said to kill over 200 parasites that can develop within your vessel? Its true. The Sun is pure energy get Solarized today. 

Cuisines Inspired By The Sun